Paawan hai woh Prabhu hamara
पावन है वो प्रभु हमारा


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पावन है वो प्रभु हमारा

पावन है वो प्रभु हमारा
उसकी जय जयकार करो
निर्बल का वो बल है न्यारा
उसकी जय जयकार करो
जय हो, जय हो, जय हो – 2

दीन दुखियों का है दाता
भटके हुओं को राह दिखाता
सीधे मार्ग में हमें चलाता
उसकी जय जयकार करो
जय हो…

प्रभु हमारा बड़ा महान
निर्बुद्धियों को देता ज्ञान
पतितों का वो बचाता प्राण
उसकी जय जयकार करो
जय हो…

प्रभु की महिमा अपरंपार
जग का वो हे तारणहार
मानो उसे अपना आधार
उसकी जय जयकार करो
जय हो…

Paavan hei vo Prabhu hamara

Paavan hei vo Prabhu hamara
Uski jai jai kar karo
Nirbal ka vo bal hei nyara
Uski jaijaikar karo
Jai ho jai ho jai ho – 2

Deen dukhiyo’n ka hei data
Bhatke huo’n ko raah bataata
Seedhe marg me hame chalata
Uski jaijaikar karo
Jai ho…

Prabhu hamara badaa mahaan
Nirbudhiyo’n ko deta gyaan
Patito’n ka vo bachata pran
Uski jaijaikar karo
Jai ho…

Prabhu ki mahima aprampaar
Jag ka vo hei taaranhaar
Maano use apna aadhaar
Uski jaijaikaar karo
Jai ho…. 

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Kaisa anokha Yeshu ka pyar
कैसा अनोखा यीशु का प्यार


कैसा अनोखा यीशु का प्यार

कैसा अनोखा, यीशु का प्यार
स्वर्ग से पृथ्वी पर आया,
करने सब पापीयों का उद्धार
क्रूस पर प्रकट हो गया

जब मैं गुनाहों के फन्दे में था,
उसने मुझे छुड़ा लिया
पापों का बोझ जो मुझ पर था,
स्वयं उसने ले लिया
कैसा अनोखा…

कोड़ों की मार, काटों की मार,
मेरे प्रभु ने सह लिया
सलीब का बोझ जो मुझ पर था,
वो भी उसने ले लिया
कैसा अनोखा…

मांगा जब पानी सिरका मिला
प्यासा यीशु रह गया
ऐ मानव तूने क्या किया
जगत्राता को क्रूस दिया
कैसा अनोखा…

Kaisa anokha Yeshu ka pyar

Kaisa anokha Yeshu ka pyaar
Swarg se prithvi par aaya
Karne sab paapiyon ka uddhar
Krus par prakat ho gaya

Jab mei gunaho ke fande mei tha
Usne mujhe chhuda liya
Paapo ka bhoj jo mujh par tha
Swayam oopar le liye
Kaisa anokha…

Kodo ki maar, aur chanto ki maar
Mere prabhu ne sah liya
Salib ka bojh jo mujh par tha
Wo bhi usne sah liya
Kaisa anokha…

Manga jab paani sirka mila
Pyasa yeshu rah gaya
Ai manav tune kya kiya
Jagtrata ko krus diya
Kaisa anokha…

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You are the author

For 2 weeks, once again I was asking God to give me a message for this place. I think more than seeking the will of God, I was bothered about filling this space and therefore I received

Now today, while meditating upon the word ‘jeevan’ (in hindi, which means ‘life’, I was amazed at this one thought. Let’s consider our whole life as a book called LIFE and every day we spend as a page of this book. Each one of us has his own book and every individual is busy writing it everyday, every moment whether realizing it or not.

This God given book is currently being authored by us – by you and by me. Every thought we have is being written, every motive that we make is written, every word that we speak is registered,  every emotion which we harbour is captured, every activity that we do is recorded. Every day of our life is one page and is recorded exactly how we lived it. Continue Reading

Good motive wrong doings

You might need to do a good reading of the Bible this time to understand this article. I am reading 1 Samuel  for my personal morning devotion. God spoke to me from the life of king Saul about how we sometimes even as wholehearted ‘Believers’ fall in the trap of good motives but wrong doings.

While reading chapter 15 of 1 Samuel, I started realizing the mistake what king Saul did. It would not be a mistake to say that we also commit the same mistake very often. On the meditation of the scriptures in this chapter, one thing became very evident – God is not as much interested in our offerings, actions and activities but our attitude of surrender, praise-worship and obedience. Continue Reading

Hope beyond all reasoning


Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you.

[1 Peter 4:12]

Believers or non-believers, all face challenges in their lives. What is the hope for a believing and a professing Christian to go through these pains, challenges, sufferings and hopelessness? Yes! We do have a hope! Jesus comforted his disciples by saying that in this world, you will have trials and tribulations, but be of good cheer, because I have overcome the world (John 16:33). Even if we go through the difficult situations of our lives, our God is with us. We have put our faith in a true and living God, who keeps his word when he says, I shall be with you till the ends of the ages. Continue Reading

First Love


My wife is always cautious that we must never loose the flavor of our first love, the charm of our marriage as we had since beginning. Sometimes when she sees an evident lack of communication or lack of care or lack of passion, she does complain; however, this does not disappoint her, neither she looses her heart but she tries more and more to keep our married life fresh as ever. Continue Reading

Blood cancer is healed – Jesus heals | Shubhang

Praise the lord!

My name is Lalit khanchandani. I belong to a Sindhi (Hindu) family. I currently reside in Dubai. By God’s grace, I have got this opportunity to give this testimony on our son Shubhang’s behalf. Hereunder, I will narrate to you how God has given second life to our son.

Our son, Shubhang was diagnosed with BLOOD CANCER (Leukemia) when he was 4 year old. It was a shocking moment for us. We desperately went to Mumbai for his treatment where he took chemotherapy for 8 months. We came back to Dubai after taking initial treatment to continue further treatment from Dubai hospital. Continue Reading