Gospel Tracts

Do you know that God loves you? Is God good?

Do you believe that God thinks about you? How can you know his thoughts about you?

Do you know that all our good works are like filthy rags before God and we can be only saved by Grace?

Are you aware that MOKSHA is a free gift of God?

Are you searching for the ultimate truth? The truth of God (Ishwar), salvation (moksha ya mukti), forgiveness of sins (paap-kshama) is explained in simple words for common man. God says that only a sick person needs a doctor; those who feel they are alright will never approach a doctor. Unless you realize that you are sick of sins and you need a savior, you may not receive that free gift which God is offering right now.

We do not know how long shall we live. This is the time to choose to love and respond to God’s love.

If you are already saved by the grace of God, are you doing enough to keep the greatest commandment and The Great Commission. Our tracts are free to download, print without changing, order and receive free printed copies and distribute. We are doing our bit you can do yours? There are so many loved once around you, who do not know God. Do you care enough to bring the good news of forgiveness and eternal life to them at least once? You can do it now.

Please feel free to browse through various articles below in hindi to answer many of your spiritual questions and encouragement words to know God more closely. It is not enough to just know ABOUT God but we need to start a relationship. May God bless your reading.

Hindi Gospel Tracts:

1 Prayashchit ya Pashchataap Download Read Online
2 Sabka Malik ek hai Download Read Online
3 Satyamev Jayate Download Read Online
4 Apka mulya chukaya gaya hai Download Read Online

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