I love an unbeliever, may be I can save him along!

But I love a non-believer and I am sure I will be able to bring him or her to my faith after marriage. Probably God wants to save one soul by this.

May be, but to me the probability looks very less.

We must understand that it could be a deception of devil to take us away from God than our genuine effort to save the soul. God wants to save souls, this is His agenda but he would not compromise on the way it should be done. When He asks not to be unequally yoked with unbeliever, He means it.

If you are unable to witness the love of Jesus to this person before marriage, there is hardly a chance that you would be able to do it after it. Especially for girls in Indian society, it could be even harder to persuade her spouse to believe in what she believes. This may rather affect her own spiritual growth and draw her away from fellowship and eventually from God Himself. Think! Are you not bringing obstacles in your own spiritual growth? Decision is all yours.