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Welcome to the library of guitar chords for Hindi Christian worship songs. If you are looking for any hindi masihi song’s guitar chords, this is the right place for you. We have lyrics and/or guitar chords (and mp3 file if possible to teach you the song – some of them may be amateur recordings) of more than 100 popular masihi stuti-aradhana (bhakti) geet.

There are number of sites which offer free guitar chords for english worship songs. Praise God for all such efforts, but when it comes to Hindi songs, once I searched it all on internet and I found none. So I was burdened to help. The chords given on this site are very easy and we are sure that as you would learn guitar more, you can experiment more and introduce many more chords in every song, however, this may serve as good start.

Let us put our expectations right for this page; we have simply tried to put my collection of common hindi worship songs here (graciously provided by many friends) so that novices like me (assuming that you know a bit of playing guitar – at least major chords :-)) who want to play guitar during their worship of our Lord God may do it with ease. Keep singing praises to our good Lord Jesus Christ. Yeshu Masih ki jai

We have segregated the songs alphabetically for ease of navigation. Alternately, you can use our search facility to find the song. If you did not find your song, or you have better chord composition, do write back. May God bless you.