Common Questions

I want to address few questions (issues) and clarify certain myths here. questionsMany of these questions come in the mind of a person when he or she comes to know about Lord Jesus Christ. Especially to those who are convinced that Jesus is the saviour, yet are unable to make a firm commitment to follow Him due to many wrong concepts and beliefs about Christian faith imparted to them by invalid sources.

I want to give a clarification as per my understanding and belief, according to the scriptures.

I must caution you before you start reading these explanations that these are only general guidelines and your view may differ from this. Also note that prayer and guidance of the Holy Spirit is the only right way to handle all such situations. My experiences and explanations are also based on the leading of the Holy Spirit in answer of my prayers for every specific situation; so you should not take them as thumb rule, rather read from the Word of God, pray about it and let the Holy Spirit take control and lead you through.

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Are these your questions too? If so, please feel free to browse and read on. God bless you.

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You may have more queries too which are not answered here. God is able to answer all your questions. Come to him with faith and prayers, He shall bless you. You can write to us for more question-answers at [email protected].