What about our festivals?


What about festivals? Can we not celebrate our religious festivals?

I feel this is a subjective question and must be dealt case by case. Instead of proposing a solution here, I would rather tell you the framework, base on which you can understand how we should deal with such situation.

Primarily I feel celebrate and not celebrate should not be our question. We must ask ourselves, why do we want to celebrate or why this festival is being celebrated. Once you see the reason behind it, probably you will automatically cease celebrating it without my explaining.

However, if you are genuinely looking for a solution, follow this principle –

“Refrain from all such activities which do not give glory to the true and living God.”

You may enjoy the fellowship with your family and other relatives though. Completely alienating ourselves from rest of the family, friends and society at large is not the teaching of the Bible and it does not make us good witness of His love too. Continue Reading