Partner with us

We thank God for your interest in partnering with us in spreading the glory and the gospel of the true and living God, who came on earth as man (Prabhu Yeshu Masih). You can partner with us by:

  1. Praying for us! We need constant prayers so that God would give us wisdom to carry on His work, He would give us strength to take more responsibility, provide every need so that we may bless many in return, guide our ways in the path of righteousness and His chosen ministry, burden us for praying for others and many more other subjects as the Holy Spirit would burden you.
  2. Linking our Website! Thanks for helping spread the word about our site. Please link to AATMIK-SANDESH (Traditional HTML link):

    Copy the text from the above preferred text box and paste on the web page (code page, .master page preferably) to create a link on your webpage to our site.
  3. Connect with us! This includes submitting your website URL so that we may connect with your website and bless others by directing them to use your resources as God has gifted you to offer. Sharing the burden for prayer through emails, getting in touch and calling each other for sharing testimonies, messages, resources etc. We can link and propagate each other’s bible based ideas using social media like twitter, facebook, google+ etc.
  4. Use our resources! We are currently producing literature and have further plans to produce video and audio media to reach out common people with simple messages and songs about love of God. You may feel free to download or get printed copies of our literature freely and use it for gospel spreading purposes. Only a large amount request shall be on a token price so as to ensure a wise use of the resources being distributed freely. You can send us request through email or contact us page.
  5. Contribute to us! You may contribute in the kingdom of God by giving your talents, time and support. We have constant need of man and woman of God who can write short articles to encourage others. You may become a prayer partner or send powerful testimonies which will touch other’s lives. You may send the lyrics and mp3 of new songs or write guitar chords of an existing on the website and send back to us. You may contribute financially towards printing and distribution of the literature and you may give your time and energy for certain outreach activities.


If you are an evangelist, servant of God or involved in spreading the good news of Prabhu Yeshu Masih, you may contact us to receive FREE evangelical material. Aatmik Sandesh has several books and tracts to offer. You may also connect with Shishyashram to receive FREE material (audio and video CDs, tracts etc)  in Hindi, Sindhi, Nepali, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and other 15 Indian Languages.