Found God in unexpected place | Sanjay Arora

Sanjay Bhai’s belongs to a hindu (sindhi) family. His elder brother Rajkumar bhai came to Dubai in 1990 for starting a business and he called Sanjay bhai in 1995 to assist him.Sanjay

There business started flourishing and as the money started pouring in, many bad habits also started rushing in. He remembers and tells that he would smoke cigarettes, consume alcohol, abuse and pick fights. He would go to disco and bars.

While he was totally aloof from God and enjoying his life in sinful way, a series of accident happened which took away all their luxuries. In year 2002, one of their shop caught fire. In 2003 their father (who was their guru in business) expired and by 2004 they lost everything. They had to almost run away to India in very difficult situation overnight.

However, in order to pay the debts and revive their business, Sanjay bhai came back to Dubai with his brother but both of them were caught on the airport by the police. From this time on, the worst times of their lives started. Listen in Hindi to what they had gone through and how God rescued him, brought redemption and blessed them through his prayers, in the voice of Sanjay bhai…

God is faithful. Taste and see that the God is good. Real Good.

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The above testimony was recorded few years earlier. For some reasons, we have not been able to write it down; however, God has been merciful. Sanjay bhai who was stuck in Dubai due to legal problems developed after their business failure was unable to meet his family for years together. His consistent faith has brought much grace and blessings to him and his million plus debt has been settled with all parties by God’s mercy without any business. His all legal problems are solved and he is enjoying his life with his family as you read this testimony.