Our belief

We believe that there is only one God and Prabhu Yeshu is His only Son who incarnated in human form (though fully divine) to forgive, redeem, pay the price for all sins and reconcile all human race to their creator God. Also that He (Jesus) promised and sent His Spirit to convict people of their sin and empower people (who have believed in Him and accepted him as their savior) to live the life of faith on the Earth. Salvation comes by believing in Jesus that He is eternal Son of God who came to pardon sins and seek & save the lost, repenting from all sins and commit the life to follow God, by loving and worshipping Him and following his instructions as given in the Bible which is the authoritative, error-free word of God given as a revelation of His will.

In summary, every person, regardless of his religion, caste, place or culture of birth, is called for this belief and repentance because Jesus is coming back soon. We confirm that:

  • We believe in the one true living God, manifested in three persons (not three individuals but one in essence) – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, all called as Trinity, who loves us all without any partiality for caste, creed, religion or culture/place of origin.
  • We believe that salvation is for everyone and God loves all equally. We sincerely believe that he is very near to us and if we seek him, we shall find him, if we ask, we shall receive and if we knock at his heavenly doors, he shall open the doors wide open.
  • We believe that only by believing in Jesus that He is the Son of God who came to save us from our sins (by our faith and God’s grace) and confessing it by mouth, we are saved. All are called to be saved.
  • We believe in Jesus Christ is the son of God, who offers us eternal life, forgiveness of sins and peace through faith in Him alone and that Jesus Christ is the only way to God and that salvation is freely offered to all and comes through Him alone.
  • We believe the Bible is the Word of God. Every word is inspired by God himself and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training us in righteousness.
  • We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit which may be accompanied by the initial evidence of the speaking in other tongues. Though not vital for our salvation, it is an important gift for personal growth by communion with God in spirit. In fact, we believe that all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit as listed in 1 Corinthians 12 are still available and operational in the Body of Christ today.
  • We believe that Holy Communion (the Lord’s Supper) and Believer’s Baptism by immersion in water are the commands of God and should be celebrated by all believers in remembrance of His sacrifice.
  • We believe that God did not create religion and hence does not care for the religion, but he demands every person to believe in him personally and come to Him in repentance and faith for salvation.
  • We believe in divine healing through prayer and the laying on of hands. We believe that God is ever listening to faithful and fervent of righteous people made by faith in Jesus’ name.
  • We believe that Jesus shall return to earth as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. We believe in the eternal destination of both the lost (hell) and the saved (heaven).
  • We believe that we have nothing good in us except Christ himself living in us after our repentance and salvation. God does not dwell in us unless we seek forgiveness of sins and invite Him to be the Lord of our life. He alone does all good service and ministry through us. We cannot do anything on our own and God uses us for His glory and purpose if we offer our 2 fishes and 5 loaves (all our talents, skills etc) to Him.

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