About us

Aatmik Sandesh Masihi Satsang

We are a race of disciples including ourselves who are simplistic in approach, founded in the Word of God, The Holy Bible and be led by the Holy Spirit and child-like simplicity and saint like devotion. We believe that religion cannot help in attaining salvation and therefore we belong to various religions but have put our faith in our savior who came to seek and save the lost.

We totally believe that only a sick person needs a doctor and until we believe that we have a sickness and approach a doctor, we would never be healed. We realized that a fatal disease of ‘sin’ was persisting in our life from the beginning and only Prabhu Yeshu Masih (Lord Jesus Christ) came in this world not to destroy the sinners but to save them. Since our sickness is cured, we strive to tell others about the same doctor and try to live in love relationship with our saviour. We talk to God in our prayer and hear him from his Word. We strive to obey our master and be transformed in his likeness.

Our simplicity and our hunger to stick to the basics of the biblical faith makes us unique.


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If you are an evangelist, servant of God or involved in spreading the good news of Prabhu Yeshu Masih, you may contact us to receive FREE evangelical material. Aatmik Sandesh has several books and tracts to offer. Connect with Shishyashram to receive FREE material (audio and video CDs, tracts etc)  in Hindi, Sindhi, Nepali, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and other 15 Indian Languages.