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Our books and tracts are simple expression of what we believe in. We believe that God is not an angry God, ready and waiting to kill people who have sinned. We sin, but why? Was there a flaw in the design of God or did he create humans with a different plan and purpose. Yes, God created man/woman to fellowship with God and love him. Free will given to first humans was misused in disobeying God. Disobedience to God became first sin which separated them from God and this sin continues. While, God is a righteous judge who will judge all on the judgement day, the good news is – GOD LOVES US ALL and wants to forgive our sins. This good news and life transformation story of Brijesh Chorotia is available to download in Hindi or English.

We know that once you restore your relationship with God by believing in Prabhu Yeshu, you cannot but will worship God. Therefore we have made a collection of bhakti songs here from the free domain downloadable or listen online. There are guitar chords section for the novice users who wish to start worshipping God with their personal touch. God bless you as you browse through these sections:

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