Encounter with life

Bertrand Russell, British philosopher, historian and logician who was a prolific writer of many philosophic writings and known for atheism, said – Unless you assume a God, the question of life’s purpose is meaningless.


In this physical world, a saying is used very often ‘Seeing is Believing’; but in spiritual world, the order is reverse ‘Believing is Seeing’. If we want to see God, we must
believe that He exists, and rewards those who diligently seek Him.ewl_f

I believe that we all have been created with a purpose by our creator. In fact, I know that even before we were born, our creator planned the purpose of our lives. The key to the deeply satisfying life experience is in finding that purpose and fulfilling it। I am doing it and we can learn to do it together.

I was once missing the meaningful and fulfilled life but today I have it। I feel I am able to live my life now richer, fuller and much significant because of something special which has happened in my life. Above all, I have peace and joy which surpasses my own understanding and I have confidence in God as my true friend, father and Lord; who is controlling my life, making my paths straight, blessing me everyday and making me victorious in daily affairs of my life.

I am a Hindu by birth। It gives me a mindset which did not allow me to comprehend and appreciate Christian faith immediately when I heard about it. I came across many questions. They were required to be answered if I had to believe in the new concept which was brought before me. God in His grace answered all those questions to the satisfaction of my scientific and critic mind.

I am a computer professional। I work in Geographical Information Systems (GIS). During my work, I use satellite images to meet certain objectives. By this, I realized that some details can be seen only from the height; while these details remain hidden when we see it from the same level. When I look at life from the spiritual perspective, I am overwhelmed to see some aspects of life which were hidden otherwise. I wish to show you those details of life in this book.

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