Incurable is curable – impossible is possible | Arti Naik

I know the plans that I have for you, declares the LORD. They are plans for peace and not disaster, plans to give you a future filled with hope.

My Name is Aarti Naik, I am 23 years old, and I come from a Maharastrian Brahmin Family.

When I was 8 years old I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a chronic condition, and the individual afflicted with this disease constantly experience hallucinations or other symptoms of the mental disorder.

I used to behave very strangely – for instance I used to talk and meet with people who did not exist in this world. My parents sought medical help but the doctors were unable to diagnose any illness and suggest the correct treatment for it.

My father shared this with my uncle who is in the USA and is working with NASA. My uncle had some idea as to what was happening to me and he told my father to send me to America for treatment. So I went to the US and was under treatment there. Dr. Philip, the doctor who was treating me, told my uncle that it would be difficult for me to recover completely as I used to get a seizure everyday. I would get very hyper. I also attempted suicide 30 times.

The doctor told my uncle that I need to be admitted to the Mental Hospital for about 6 months. At the mental hospital I was given shock therapy. I was not allowed to meet anyone for 6 months, not even my own family members. I was kept in a room meant for the mentally unstable people. When my condition began to improve with the medicines, I came out of the mental hospital. But I was always in my own world of imagination. The hallucinations had not stopped. For example I used to talk with imaginary friends.

During this mental illness I somehow got connected to a group of Anti-Christ people and became an Anti- Christ. I was in the USA for 5 yrs for my treatment … but my condition did not seem to improve. It was getting from bad to worse.

When I came to India. I was in a very bad condition. At the age of 13, I discontinued my studies and I started helping out in my father’s business. Around this time, I got connected to friends who led me to alcohol, drugs, smoking etc. These were different ways I used, to escape from my misery. I searched for love and acceptance in every possible way.

Then one day, I met my cousin (brother) who shared the Love of Jesus and the complete Gospel with me. At that moment I did not take him seriously. But on the same night one of my good friend called me from Coimbatore and he too shared the gospel with me. I was amazed by the coincidence and it felt like God was after me. I thought to myself – “if Jesus is working in their lives, why not in mine?”

I called my cousin and asked him to get a Bible for me. When I went to church I was touched by God I gave my life to Jesus Christ on that day I accepted JESUS as my LORD & SAVIOUR. Then I went for a youth camp where I was touched once again by God and there I received healing from my mental illness of 12 years.
During those 12 years I used to take 6 tablets each in the morning & in the evening and 1 injection daily.

But after being healed by God, I stopped all my medicines. I received God’s word which says – by my stripes you are healed – [Isaiah 53:5].

I’m Healed today. A doctor in Mumbai who once told me that I will be paralyzed and bed-ridden was amazed to see me healed of an illness which is considered incurable. It is more than over two years now since I have discontinued my medicines and I have never suffered from schizophrenia since then.

Today I’m working as an business development executive. I knew this job is from God. Jesus changed my world and my whole life. He gave me hope to live again.

The DNA newspaper interviewed me when they heard of this miraculous healing and my involvement in helping other schizophrenics to overcome the disease. Read the news article below.

Aarti Naik

Note from Aatmik-Sandesh

If you are blessed by reading this testimony and would like to know more about Jesus, Contact us. If you are facing similar problem, just trust in Jesus and pray with us and God will work –

“Dear Lord Jesus, today I have come to know that you are living and prayer answering God. Lord I am in deep trouble; please rescue me and deliver me as I start trusting in you from today. Save me, forgive my sins and by my Lord. Heal me completely of the sickness <name it if you know> because I believe you can. Thank you for listening this prayer and answering it. In Jesus name, Amen.”